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By now you have made the decision to bring a nanny into your home to watch your baby or your children or maybe a special needs child or even an elderly parent of yours.

Congratulations! That is a wise decision. There is no place like home for peace of mind, comfort and security.

Now the next big step is choosing the correct nanny for the job.

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  • Can they handle a situation should one arise?

  • Can they be trusted in your home?

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Not all care jobs are exactly the same and the job skills each applicant offers are not the same as another nanny. You will be shown detailed information that will help you make an informed decision in choosing the correct nanny for you.

These questions and many more answers can be found on dozens of available nanny profiles in your area of West Virginia.

You will have access to Background information, the applicants health status, citizenship, photo, job skills possessed, education level, swimming ability, employment preferences, salary requirements and more. is part of the Sitter Finder Network